These are the areas I’m mainly focusing on. If you have different needs to free up some time for your business, I’m happy to chat how we can collaborate!


  • Location research
  • Coordination of co-speakers and subcontractors
  • Support with Webinars
  • Full organization of events in Germany


  • Process definition and optimization
  • Finding tools to increase your effectiveness
  • Managing databases


  • Keeping track of your business budget
  • Getting quotes from your subcontractors
  • Preparation of supporting documents (receipts, invoices) for tax purposes


  • Speaking opportunities
  • Visuals research
  • Relevant business associations

Social Media

  • Set up of Facebook business pages
  • Scheduling posts for all social media platforms
  • Support article, post and story creation


  • Business presentations
  • Key note speeches
  • Challenge partner for your storyline
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